"When she can take a holiday, she comes with me. Artistically, she’s very interested, too."

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I had only done theatre, and I was doing this scene with [Toni Collette]…. After about an hour of filming she was like, “Ed, should we go on and watch the playback?” and I was like, “No, I’m not allowed. I was told I’m not allowed.” She’s like, “Come watch the playback.” I was like, “No, no, I’m really not allowed.” She was like “Come watch the playback.” Thank god I watched the playback. Because my eyebrows were doing this, and I was playing to like the 28th row. I’ve always learnt from mistakes.

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My character in Jupiter Ascending, I sort of decided he should have long fingernails. I don’t know quite where that choice came from, it seemed to fit with the outfit.

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It’s certainly Redmayne’s film, and his performance is everything you could ask for: completely convincing in its physicality, credible in its pain, and warmly but not crassly optimistic in its nearly constant good temper.

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NEW! History boys: Vanity Fair profiles Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch in their battling biopics.

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